Unlocked and Loaded

The bank of freezers at the Barry farm are all stocked up with 300 pounds still in the way. Time for family dinners before school starts, grilling with the neighbors or romantic backyard meal with your girl. We’ll be glad to help your meal memorable with Houston’s best pork.
Email us to order.
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Raw Honey now available at The Barry Farm

Honey is now available at the farm

We know it has been a long time coming, so thank you for your patience..  There is not much fan fare that the daily workings of honey production so sorry for the lack of regular updates, but hooray here it is!

Honey can be picked up at the farm in Needville, Tx or orders over 50.00 can be delivered on within a 50 mile radius of the farm (77461 zip code)

The price is 11.00 per pint and 21.00 per Quart Jar.

Never heated nor pasteurized and of course Fully Raw

We have partnered with Sean and his family who own and operate http://www.mindfulhoney.com.  He has relocated  bees to our citrus orchard that have been rescued from homes, structures and properties all over the greater Houston area.  The Barry Farm farmers have been incredibly grateful for this partnership as our garden, fig trees, Pears, Satsuma, Kumquat, Lemon and Grapefruits have surely benefited from all the pollination assistance.


If you have questions or would like to place an order email us at thebarryfarm@yahoo.com


Why are you buying sheep and fundraising at the same time



We are on a quest for two real things. Wait strike that 3 things.
First is we desire to build real community through food and open farming
Second is we desire to be Houston’s premier grass fed lamb provider
Third but probably most importantly we desire to have a transparent farm that establishes both integrity and trust with our community.

The third is what this blog is about today. As you may be aware we have been raising funds to build a lot of fencing around the new Barry farm. We’ve relied very heavily on our community’s contributions to complete this project as the expense is frankly more than we can absorb this Summer. So how are you buying sheep you may ask ? Well we have been working for the last 4 months to secure a loan from the FSA to increase our flock enough to be a larger market presence. The timing just happened to over lap. We were hoping not to need more fencing than we currently use in our rotations. Between people and coyotes a fence has become a priority, thanks for engaging us along this journey.

Back from Marble Falls

We have been away the last 2 days. I usually like to keep y’all up to date as we go but we have had some vandalism at the farm and didn’t want to advertise the farmers were away. 2 days 800 miles hauling hogs and ewes. We stayed in Marble Falls on the way to Goldthwaite. Renee always insists on a real breakfast. (Can’t imagine where she inherited that from). So where else when in marble falls than the bluebonnet cafe since 1929.


The Real Food Movement Houston


Check out Ben Macmillan and West U Fitness.  We are very happy to be teamed with them and the braintrust around this table.  Making real end roads in to the way people see, eat and interact with food in houston.   #gofarmgo

A Meeting of the Minds to Change Minds

I was recently lucky enough to get the opportunity to sit down and engage with some passionate people. It is a beautiful thing when you get the chance to chat with, brainstorm, and listen to like minded, purpose-driven people.

I’ve not often had the chance to do such a thing. I’m inspired and I felt obligated to let you know that there are people out there that you don’t even know fighting for you on the food front.

I’ve dubbed our small contingency of farmers, dieticians, and healthy food advocates “The Real Food Movement Houston”. It is a goal of ours to change the way Houstonians do food. That includes being educated on finding and buying quality food, learning how to prepare it, etc.

It is about more than eating “natural” and “local”. It is about creating and fostering a better relationship with the food you eat. Just think about the possible outcomes that could come about if people improved their relationship with food:

- A happier population – A better sense of community -Lower obesity rates

- Fewer eating disorders – Lower numbers of obesity related disease -Lower cancer rates

- More time to spend on more important things than worrying about how many calories you eat

Houston it is time to step up and step out of your comfort zone when it comes to food. Fast, processed junk is easy. So is getting sick. Preventing disease is not.

Step up and CHOOSE to be better. Meet farmers at the farmer’s markets. Ask them questions. Get informed. Have other food/ diet related questions? Shoot it to me and if I can’t answer it, I know a few people who can! Challenge the lies that clever marketing is shooting at you daily. Frosted flakes should not be your main source of fiber, minerals, and added vitamins….Come on now.

It is time for you to make the change. You aren’t alone I guarantee it. Like I said, there is a group of us here fighting for you behind the scenes. Fight the good fight and we’ll be alongside you if not a step ahead trying to clear the way.

Happy 4th of July everyone.

The joy in between

To tell the truth I didn’t really want to tell this story this week. I didn’t want to be angry, frustrated or appear helpless but we remain committed to being transparent. Every real relationship is built on honesty and transparency and the relationship your farmers have with you is no different. We have big wins and devastating losses in the same week and we are proud to be resilient and stead fast. #gofarmgo. In the midst of the coyote hunt and the round up of our sheep. This little guy who is long legged like his mother, has been a blessing to our farm. A reminder that there is no separating life and death only finding joy in between.



The newest edition is the latest tragedy but a good fence is in order.

We are sorry to report that the lamb born yesterday is gone missing and her mother has puncture wounds to her neck. She obviously tried to fend off the attacker but was not successful nor was Clarendon. It is a big loss but not the end. Sheep take around 5 months to gestate so this poor girl is set back almost a year. Farming is not as glorious as Hollywood makes it out to be it is better. The Smith family has learned to take our perspective drawn from hope and a sense of pure joy. This farm was given to us out of blessing and it can be taken from us just as easily. That is providence and we will live in it with joy no matter what comes.


Our farm does not have much fencing around the perimeter which is greatly hindering our expansion and growth.  In the 3 months we have been here we have incurred fines for livestock being out, had vandalism, fences ruined and now livestock killed.  Some of this is people, some is domestic animals and some wild animals all of which can be limited by a sturdy fence.  I am not naive enough to believe this will end all the issues but it is a big first step toward securing our farm.   We are in the midst of fundraising for fencing and are about 1/3 to the goal.  Construction begins in 2 weeks so if you would be willing to support your farm with donations toward our fence project please email me at thebarryfarm@yahoo.com right away.  Thank you for your consideration and for following our family farm’s progress both in success and set back.




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