The Barry Farm’s pig feeder with plan

Here it is!  The plans that we followed are here.  We did a few modifications to use recycled materials which dictated our size.  You may notice that ours only has 3 spots instead of 4 for pigs.  The plans came from a collection from the university of north dakota.  Here is a link to their collection of Swine plans, maybe you will see something else you like

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8 responses to “The Barry Farm’s pig feeder with plan

  • Cat

    Thanks! I actually found some plans to make a gravity feeder from a 55g barrel, and after I made it, we all decided to just stick with feeding twice a day, go figure. (We raise pigs for ourselves, family, and friends, so everyone gets some input on how its done!)

  • Alan

    I followed these plans, but made the feeder half as long, for 2 pigs. With some planning the 2 pig feeder can be made from a single sheet of plywood. We raised 2 pigs in Montana with it and it worked great. The one i made held approx. 150lbs of feed. Exellent plans!

    • thebarryfarm

      Glad we could help. These plans should only be a jumping off point and meant to remind us all that we can take a good idea and with a little effort make something useful ourselves that meets our farms need

  • Elsie Gawler

    Thanks for the post. Im working on designing a hog feeder for our pigs and had a couple questions about the one you made. What are the dimensions of the hopper that holds the grain? and about how many pounds of grain can it hold?
    Thanks again!

    • thebarryfarm

      I would have to refer to the drawings for the exact dimensions but roughly 4×5 and it holds way more than I fill at one time due to wastage. It could easily hold 250-300 pounds of feed

  • Mike McDonald

    Thanks for the plans. This is my first year raising pigs and needed to find plans for a gravity feeder. If you have any helpful hints please send them my way. And again this is an awesome site, you’re the best.
    Mike in Rhode Island

    • thebarryfarm

      Well thanks for the complement and hope your pigs do well. The only hint I would give is to install pig proof dividers in the feeder to keep the pigs from tossing their heads side to side and wasting feed.

  • spruillbros2014

    Resources like the one you mentioned here will be very useful to me!
    I will post a link to this page on my blog. I am sure my visitors will find that very useful.

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