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Nutrition of Pastured Eggs

I have been asked recently about the nutrition of pastured egg and more specifically the diference between store bought eggs.   One of our friends said to us “I buy egglands best vegetarian feed eggs because of the claim for reduced cholesterol, do pastured eggs stack up”   I am glad for a face to the factory farmed eggs rather than some abstract discussion so lets begin to un pack Eggland’s Best VS the barry farm’s pastured eggs.     Please see as I will refer to their study of organic and conventional eggs.   So the Barry Farm has made it a requirement of caring for our community by raising egg laying hens to treat Chickens as humanely as possible which simply means letting chickens be chickens.  This means refraining from “pushing” them for our gain into laying more eggs, laying them longer or by skimping on what they eat.  Our friends who eat eggland don’t know that all of the stuff on the carton is for selling eggs.  They are praying on our sensibilities to want to make good health choices for our families.  Eggland’s Eggs is attempting to convince you their eggs are better for you because they are Vegetarian Chickens.  Are chickens vegetarians?  If you dont know that answer you have never been with chickens much.   When they scratch in the pasture, lawn or ground they are eating seeds and other plant material but they are looking for a prize.  Worms, insects, grasshoppers, lizards, grubs and the list is never ending.  Chickens are not vegetarians so why do they feed their chickens only vegetarian feed.  Two reasons.  The first because Eggland’s Best hens (per their website) are mostly in cages.  Eggland’s are a large supermarket supplier who need a steady supply of cheap eggs.  Their “cage free” line are hens crammed into houses.  Cant eat bugs if they live in a world where they don’t exist. Secondly the vegetarian mix is the cheapest.  Soy and Corn are subsidized by the federal government and cheap these ingredients are the prime ingredients fot chicken feed. Substituting animal products is expensive.   Eggland’s gets to feed cheep feed to confined chickens and market them as better for you than the alternative.  The funny part is the alternative is the same thing just with animal byproducts in their feed.  99 cents or 3.50 you chose but they are the same eggs.

The Barry Farm’s eggs are not magical, but they are REAL eggs.  Chickens who forage for food including insects plants and seeds.  Real Chickens living on real grass making real food.  We promise much higher nutrition but that is the smallest part of the deal.  We promise transparency and integrity. No tricks or marketing tag lines.  Just real food by real farmers from chickens that have our respect.


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